Tuesday, August 21, 2012

My Weekend in Pictures

So it finally happened. Summer. And sweet valley high, it arrived in full force. It was the hottest weekend of the year (yay!!) and luckily, we had plans to fit.

I like to think we started the weekend early on Thursday, even though we both still had to work on Friday as usual, at the opening night of Carmen - the opera - at the Seebühne at Wannsee. Random tidbit: since it was opening night, quite a few German celebrities and politicians were there along with, wait for it... John Malkovic. Most random unexpected guest ever at an opera in Germany? I think so...

Sekt in the VIP lounge (I love Micha's job for moments like this...) | Hockey time again at long last!

On Friday evening, hockey preseason began, which, as you may know, we've been waiting for all summer long. Ahhh, nothing beats a season ticket in one hand and a beer in the other. Summer hockey is admittedly a strange thing, but it's still preseason - the European Trophy league games, to be precise - so I'm sure by the time the real games start Berlin will be back to its usual cool self.

We headed to Matthias and Anja's pool again on Saturday to beat the heat and relax in the 'burbs. We even frickin' biked there, which took about an hour from our place, to make sure our pool time and grill yummies were well-deserved.

Sunday was, quite literally, the hottest day of the year - temperatures reached 42°C (107°F) in the sun! - and we just happened to head to the Waldbühne in the very west of Berlin to see "the hottest band in the universe," as Die Ärzte gladly named themselves at their concert. :) Micha's been a huge fan of them for forever, as most Berliners are, and, although we were supposed to go with friends, it ended up just being the two of us baking in the sun and bobbing our heads along to the music on Sunday evening.

But first...

...we had to trek through the woods to get there! Apparently, we didn't quite pick the right area to park in and as a result ended up on quite the hike. The trail even had super creepy (in my humble, seen-too-many-horror-movies opinion) random mirrors placed through periodically.

Baking. And yet, not complaining. Cuz I'll take what heat I can get this year!

The amphitheatre was built at the same time as the Olympiastadion for the 1936 Olympics in a natural canyon in the woods and the mountain of trees behind the stage looks awesomely surreal in person

And yes, we did walk back to the car afterwards in pitch black through the creepy woods again! And yes, I did squeeze Micha's hand every 3.5 seconds and shout "aim the light behind us!" (he has a flashlight app, but of course), or "did you hear that?!" or "we're gonna get killed!" I'm a hoot to be with in the dark, let me tell ya...

Tomato watching - the little yellow guys are my favorite

Kitchen reorganizing chaos. Micha is not impressed.

I also spent some time rearranging our open kitchen shelves - I have a tendency too make things to cluttery and then get super sick of it all - and picking some of our finally ripe tomatoes while Micha spent his time, and I quote, "moving as little as possible." Apparently, Germans don't do temperatures above the 100s. Shocking, I know, considering the fabulous weather in this country. ;)

Oh yeah, and we also pool crashed again on Monday night, after a total crappy Monday for both of us (but really, who ever has a good Monday?) and can I just say that a backyard pool really is the best thing ever? It is. It really truly is...

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