Saturday, August 25, 2012

Happy Friday!

Happy Friday everyone! Down here we're preparing for the possibility of hurricane/tropical storm/yet-to-be-determined natural disaster Isaac, which means stocking up on water and possibly camping out at our friend's apartment come Sunday, since we're right on the water! Fingers crossed it only bring some crazy rain and nothing more. I also just got a copy of Game of Thrones in the mail from Nicole (two actually, thanks to a delivery mistake--thanks, sister!) so plan to start that and, according to everyone I talk to, not put it down. What are you up to this weekend? Anything fun?

This week we saw dolphins right outside our front lawn! Dolphins! Something about them always makes me feel like a kid at heart...

P.S. I love this commercial for our new car (we got the yellow one!). Although this one is still my favorite.

Words of wisdom.

The news about Lance just makes me sad. What about you?

I've been coveting this lamp and I finally treated myself to it! Hurrah!

Photo by Natalie's iphone


  1. The Lance Armstrong thing smells fishy. No hard evidence?

    Cute lamp!

  2. We just took a fiat 500 this weekend droid car sharing. Adorable and retro but sooooo small (2 people + car seat maxed it out!) but for two I bet it's lovely :)