Friday, August 3, 2012

Animals Talking in All Caps

Let me just say before I start: you're welcome.

Now, this may be the most random post ever, but I feel I owe it to all my friends to introduce them to my all-time favorite pick-me-up on a day when you just need a damn laugh. Welcome to the absolutely absurd and hilarious tumblr, Animals Talking in All Caps.

I was started to get beyond annoyed at work today, as one only can on a Friday three hours before one wants to leave a little bit early and then gets a whole big pile of fun plopped in their laps (which makes the day almost worse than a Monday, I must admit), so I decided to hop over to my Google Reader for the one blog I knew I could totally count on to turn my day around.

Here's hoping that Animals Talking in All Caps can bring you the laughs you need when you need them, too.

Happy almost weekend!

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