Thursday, August 23, 2012

Inspired By...

...a living room that is totally not my style (there's no chartreuse!), but that I'm finding myself swooning over. That plushy sofa, those knitted pillows, and the calm color palette. I'm sold.

Photo by Pella Hedeby iphone case that is cracking me up. Yep, every time I see it.

Previously available at Kate Spade

...the patience people can have to make beautiful things. Like this city made of staples--only staples, standing up. I envy the willpower.

Created by Peter Root

...a happy print of my former (and favorite) city. I think my apartment needs this asap.

Available at Maybe Sparrows Place ties! Someone give F a reason to wear a tie, and I'm buying these for him!

(Sold out) by Flux Productions

Image credits: Living room via Poppytalk / iPhone case by Kate Spade via Creature Comforts / City of Staples by Peter Root via ManMade DIY New York print by Ashley Davis via Design Is Mine / Surf ties by Flux Productions pinned by Design*Sponge

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