Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Inspired By...

(Umm, a quick side note. I totally just realized I had the casing of my "Inspired by..." posts all wrong. The "by" should really be capitalized. But you know, it's not like nitpicky linguistic details are my job or anything...) (Yeah, they're totally my job. Hence my revulsion now at all those previous post titles. Sigh.)

...a bike with a baguette! I just started riding my bike to work again and can't wait for it to be warm enough to ride it around on the weekends to picnics too. The only thing that could make this picture more perfect is a little french dog in another basket on the front of the bike.

...great book references in unexpected places. I love fun luggage tags and I love books in my luggage. Sold.

...the cutest little beginner's sewing and knitting kit. I totally would have learned both crafts earlier in life if someone had presented me with this treasure.

...Kate Spade's fabulous use of spring colors on their all-too-entertaining new website. And their choice of product names. The shoe had me at Tipsy.

...being told that macaron-making might not only be for superhumans after all. Thank you BraveTart! new tights and dress! My new spring wardrobe and I are off to an awesome start. I wore both for the first time today on my bike with no mishaps: the tights didn't get stuck in my bike chain and the dress didn't give any passersby a peep show. Success.

Image credits: 1) Bike with basket by Annika Vannerus via Creature Comforts; 2) Penguin luggage tags via swissmiss; 3) Sewing kit from Playful Learning via You Are My Fave; 4) Purse and 5) Shoe both from Kate Spade; 6) Macarons by Stephen "Rosco" Weber for BraveTart via The Kitchn; 7) Tights  and 8) Dress from H&M.

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