Monday, March 7, 2011

They Grow Up So Fast

Well, you can just start calling me Crazy Plant Lady after this, really...

So if you're not at all interested in plants, particularly of the tomato and herb variety, I promise to have more interesting things to say and show you soon! But since I get rather obsessive about my balcony plants during the warm half of the year, I warn you: this will be one of many more updates about my babies. Because they really do grow so quickly...

We planted them all from seeds this time and Sweet Valley High, do they sprout quickly! Most of the packages said between 10-14 days but we had some wee tomato sprouts within 4 days. 

Since Sunday was sunny and beautiful, albeit still cold, we decided it would be a great day to plant the babies in pots in new soil and give them lots of room to grow. And they promptly took over our kitchen:

Very left: Stabtomaten (they'll be egg-shaped); In the green planter box: parsley, lemon balm, chives, basil, and dill. Then come the Buschtomaten, and green-striped tomatoes (heirloom?), and some more dill and parsley.

I think the dill has a thing for the parsley.

Just planted the red basil this weekend and I have high hopes for it's deliciousness!

More tomatoes and a couple flowers that haven't sprouted yet.

On the right are cayenne peppers and the plastic container has my "monk garden," a gift from friends that contains tee trea, ginseng, and eucalyptus!

See? They've taken over the kitchen!

They get a lot of morning and afternoon sun here in the kitchen, so it's a nice starter home. But I can't wait to be able to put them outside on the balcony at long last. Not that we have nearly enough space out there. Especially considering the new addition we plan to make to the balcony this year:

The beyond amazing Astor barbecue grill from!


  1. Lovely plants, where did you get the seeds and pots from? I've just moved to Munich from the UK and am itching to grow something on my balcony.

  2. I got most of the seeds this year from OBI and the start-up kit there as well, they have a great selection! As do most Baumärkte. The pots come from lots of places, OBI, Kaufland, and small flower shops. During this time of year, you can find plenty of seeds and plants in supermarkets too, it's great!