Tuesday, March 1, 2011

My Top 10 Travel Moments

Although I could never choose an absolute favorite travel moment, my competitive side insists I try!

Enjoying a traditional Chinese New Year's Eve meal with friends in Malaysia
  • Entertaining our friend's entire family in Kampar, Malaysia, during blackjack because every time I say "stay" in Cantonese, I accidentally pronounce it like "dog."
  • Dog sledding in Rovaniemi, Finland. My dogs take a corner too fast; I fall off the sled; and they just keep going... 
  • Roadtripping with my aunt through the Southwestern US. She refuses to stop at the Four Corners for fear of an alien abduction.
  • Driving to the beach before dawn with my sister in East Cape, New Zealand to be the first people in the world with to watch the sunrise.
  • Cooking our first away-from-home Thanksgiving dinner for 10 people with my sister and best friend in Ljubljana, Slovenia.
  • Bike riding through the Loire Valley, France and only stopping for wine cellar tours or bread-and-cheese picnics.
  • In the sauna in Joensuu, Finland, we run into our Finnish language teacher. Butt naked!
  • Standing under the armpit of a smelly man in the entryway of an over-packed train from Bologna to Milan, Italy and being grateful that I, at least, don't have to stand in the bathroom with my luggage, unlike other folks.
  • Sunbathing topless (for the first and only time!) in Tamarindo, Costa Rica. A "lifeguard" runs over to us, yells shyly, "Please put your underwears back on!"
  • Choosing to order from the German-only menu, without (yet) knowing the language, and ending up with a green beer! Berlin, Germany. 
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    1. I went dogsledding in Whistler and I too fell and was dragged... It was fun! Not the dragging part though I can laugh it now.

    2. Wow, dragged! That sounds intense! I luckily just fell off, then had to chase after my dogs and fell multiple times in the hip-high snow. Glad we can all laugh about such moments now!

    3. Thanks for entering our competition! The topless sunbathing memory is one you probably want to forget! Just letting you know winners will be announced today.