Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Inspired by...

...feminine touches. Like my new deep pink lip stain/gloss and sparkly pink nails . There's nothing like feeling feminine and pretty to help you get over the devastation of a visit to the hair salon.

...Reese Witherspoon's never faltering hair styles. I should have brought this picture with me to my hairdresser, then I could have possibly gotten the result I wanted. (Though in her defense, I pretty much always hate my hair the week following a salon visit. Don't ask me why, it's a reflex.)

...Hunter galloshes! Or Wellis or whatever the heck you wanna call them. A friend of mine had hers on the entire time she visited us in Berlin this winter and 1) they looked fabulous and 2) she said they kept her toes perfectly toasty while traipsing through Christmas markets in the freezing cold. So you can bet your first born child I snatched up a pair of these wonderfully bright blue ones when I saw that limango was having a sale! And let's face it, this is Berlin, I know I'll be able to get some good use out of them this spring.

...Grease! We just saw the musical last night at Admiralspalast (it was my Valentine's Day present) and I haven't been able to shake off the urge to sing and dance around the office since. I'll be honest, I was never the hugest fan of the movie growing up, (though I did enjoy performing to "Grease Lightning" with my drill team for our end-of-year show in 8th grade. Girls dressed up as greasers + spirit fingers will always = awesome.) All in all, it was a mood-lifting musical and a perfect date night.

...even more yummy ideas for my Das Perfekt Frühstück (brunch for my ladies), courtesy of This Paper Ship, who never stop rocking my socks with their creativity.

...pretty song lyrics made even more attractive at music philosophy, spotted on FFFFound.

And what's inspiring you today?

Photo credits: 1) Pink sparkly nail polish; 2) Astor Perfect Stay lip tint; 3) Reese Witherspoon via Google images; 4) Hunter galloshes from limango outlet; 5) Grease the musical, playing at Admiralspalast; 6) Onion tart from This Paper Ship; 7) Blind Melon lyrics from music philosophy, via FFFFound.


  1. 1. you got hunters, really? ahaha...
    2. love the song lyric poster! are there more..?

  2. 1. I did! Super sale! They just arrived, though I have yet to open the box for some odd reason...
    2. So cool, right? Sadly, only a limited few are sold as posters on Etsy...