Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Larger Than Life Portraits

Ok friends, how stuninng is this room?

I am in awe. First off, I have been craving a giant black-and-white photo to put above our couch ever since we repainted (more on that later). I even found the perfect one, I just need to decide how big we want it. (Our ceilings are so high, we're talking massive proportions here.) And then I saw this room from Eden Lang, via You Are My Fave (which, incidentally, is my fave), and it took my breath away. The portraits of her children are so sweet unique and I love how oversized they are! Almost makes me wish I had cute children to take pictures of. Almost. More realistically, this now makes me wonder if three large photos might fit our space even better than just one...

I'm also smitten with the map on the wall and the lamp over the dining room. I've been oggling a lamp like that for quite a while, but couldn't decide if it reminded to much of The Matrix. Now I can safely say it doesn't, it just kinda rocks.

On a final note, we have a very similar plant, yet due to my black thumb, it does not look nearly as green and bushy and happy as this one. Perhaps I should start watering it.

Image: Eden Lang

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