Friday, March 25, 2011

Inspired By...

I was miserably sick most of last week and for a bit of this one, so let me tell ya, I've been in need of some happy images! This past week I've been inspired by... umbrella that speaks my mind.

...a Barney Stinson-style mantra that I'm all too happy to adopt.

 ...bright colors on a dreary day.
...refreshingly fun dresses at H&M. I'm desperately in need of some now that spring has shown its face. I'm thinking a Saturday shopping trip will do just the trick!

 ...the good will of others. I get really happy when people show their inherent good nature. It reminds me to look on the bright side and not let my Debbie Downer alter-ego take over for too long.

...a cozy reading nook with my very favorite wall color. Ever since I started reading Room, I cannot put it down. I wish I could curl up here all day with it and a giant milchkaffee and just forget the world.

Images: 1) Umbrella from Raindrops via Pinterest 2) Awesome print by Super Swoon via Creature Comforts 3) Rainbow umbrella from deviantArt via Pinterest 4) Dress by H&M; 5) Cherry blossoms heart by This Paper Ship; 6) Crafters come together to help by Craftzine; 7) For Japan With Love; 8) Anne M. Cramer's sleeping porch on Design Sponge, photo by Adrienne Page.


  1. I LOVE that umbrella! And the post :)

  2. I LOVE that umbrella!! Also the post ;)

  3. Thanks sisko! And yes, the umbrella is perhaps the most fab thing ever. We might have order a twinsie set...