Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Inspired By...

I'm thinking of starting a new series of posts on Wednesdays in which I share things that are inspiring me that day. My main motivation being that, by the middle of the work week, I tend to need a little inspiration to get my creative juices flowing and to bring a smile to my face.

Today I'm inspired by... friend Emily's awesome new blog 1000 Awesome Things in Munich. Looking at everyday things and making them awesome is my kind of fun. (Wow, that was the most amount of awesomes I've ever used in one thought...)

  ...this mood-lifting rainbow party from Rue Magazine, styled by You + Me Lifestylists, spotted on oh happy day. I'm planning a ladies' Sunday brunch soon-ish and am now very much leaning toward a rainbow theme.

...this champagne bar from A Subtle Revelry. Great inspiration for a champagne/mimosa bar at my upcoming brunch!

...this rockin' Back to the Future project by photographer Irina Werning, spotted on A Cup of Jo. Makes me want to bust out all those old of photos of my sister and me and re-enact them when I visit her in April!

...Marimekko Converse sneakers, spotted on Craftzine. My time living in Finland instilled in me a deep love for all things Marimekko. They're available now here, so hurry up before I buy out the stock!

Photos: 1) 1000 Aweseome Things in Munich. 2) Rainbow party from Rue Magazine via oh happy day, styling: You + Me Lifestylists. 3) Champagne bar from A Subtle Revelry. 4)+ 5) Back to the Future photo project via A Cup of Jo. 6) Marimekko sneakers from via Craftzine.

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  1. what a great idea! im always looking for a little new inspiration too!

    and re-enactment of old photos come april--yes, please!