Friday, April 1, 2011

Snapshots of the Week: Signs of Spring

I'm determined to hone my rather mediocre photography skills and have devised a new way to force myself to do so: snapshots of the week posts. I already have the great camera and live in a beautiful city, so the only thing holding me back is weekly motivation. I'll try to post fun pictures I take, usually on my lunch break, of daily life here in Berlin. This will challenge me as well to move out of my usual lunchtime photo-taking area of Mitte (where my office is) and venture to new neighborhoods. Otherwise, pictures of the TV tower and Berliner Dom could get pretty boring pretty quick.

The TV tower. I promise not to feature it every week. Really. It just happens to be right there though...

Sign of spring #1: People taking an open-air boat ride Sign of spring #2: People lounging in the sun on the grass, where the Palast der Republik used to be

Fun fact side note: That space will remain empty for lounging for quite a while, seeing as the city lacks the funds to follow through with their (ridiculous) proposed rebuilding of the old Prussian castle.

 Sign of spring #3: New baby buds!

Sign of spring #4: Topless guys playing paddleball

Sign of spring #5: Beach bars are opening at long last!

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  1. yay i love it! yes pix a week post please, great idea! and BEACH BARS! i miss them...