Thursday, April 14, 2011

The Babies Are Still Alright

It's been a while since I posted about them, so you may be wondering how our babies our doing. Or maybe not but either way, I shall tell you:

They are faring quite well through this not-yet-warm-enough spring! Some better than others. The bush tomatoes (whatever those really are in English) are the most robust and nearly all of the little guys have sprouted tall with multiple leaves. The Stabtomaten (stake tomatoes?), both varieties, are a little nitpickier. But still, more than enough have survived than we could ever even fit on our wee balcony.

All the little guys who are growing but still sharing a tiny pot will probably need to endure their final pot transplanation soon. That's my next job and then they can grow happily in their new homes (individual big pots) for the summer!

I'm still praying most of that red basil hangs in there and makes it past the sprout stage. It would make our weekday grill dates on the balcony so much better if we could also add some of this basil to a plate of tomatoes and buffalo mozzerella...

I'm also in semi disbelief that we'll really get any real cayenne peppers out of these guys, but man I hope we do so I can horrify some friends with great spicy cooking! (many Germans aren't so big on or tolerant of spicy. Luckily I know quite a few who love it though!)

So the chives here were planted last year. The flower boxes were left on the balcony all winter and completely ignored and then one day, we went out and saw little baby sprouts popping up! They survived the snow and ice and negative temperatures of our somewhat brutal winter. And are now thriving, even though we still take absolute no care of them. Rock on chives! Just as hardy as our peppermint has proven to be

I have faith in the dill. He might be having an identity crisis in the rosemary pot though.

The parsley will be fine too. I've learned in my couple years of balcony gardening that parsley is a trooper.

In my closter garden, still only the eucalyptus have sprouted. I have no idea what to do with them next. I suppose I could read the directions...

And a final shot of some more tomatoes. I kinda just wanted a picture of my fun rug here, really. (Still working on finding the best camera settings for a typical grey Berlin day.) Soon we'll be finding some of these cute babies a new home (due to limited balcony space, not a lack of love for them). And hopefully also a babysitter for when we're gone on vacation starting next week...

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