Thursday, April 7, 2011

Inspired By...

...the prettiest gosh darn tights I've ever seen. If only the price tag was just as lovely.

 ...letterpress versions of posts from one of my already favorite I-could-really-use-a-laugh-today-so-I'll-waste-time-here websites.

...a new take on a classic film. While it was never my favorite movie, Micha is obsessed. And so after about the 14th viewing of the trilogies, they've grown on me. Michael J. Fox will do that to a girl.

...a fashionably messy vanity area. We have the very typical no-one-else-sees-the-bedroom-so-let's-use-it-as-storage-space syndrome. I'm determined to change this and make it cozy. A snazzy vanity area for my jewelry and other goodies is a must.

...revamped state mottos. Who knew how many cool state mottos were out there? And how many kinda freaky ones as well!

...florals and mustard yellow. Everything I start to think I have too many mustard yellow things in my life, I find another one calling my name. And I would love to have more non-granny florals around, if only I had the talent to pick them out.

Image credits: 1) KronKron ombre tights from Olive Shoppe via Where the Lovely Things Are; 2) and 3) Letterpress prints by Sapling Press via one cool pick; 4) BTTF poster from Phantom City Creative via ManMade; 5) Vanity space by Martin Löf via sfgirlbybay; 6) Alaska by Keetra Dean Dixon, 7) Texas by Curtis Jenkins, 8) West Virginia by Bobby McKenna , all for 50 and 50 via ManMade; 9) Outfit by Kendi Everyday.

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