Wednesday, July 25, 2012

The No Longer Sad Wall!

We actually did it! The exclamation point is well deserved, as I tend not to follow through with projects nearly as quickly as I intend or claim to, so I am quite proud of us for actually getting this frame wall done when I said we would. It helped to have all the frames lying on the floor for a week, bugging the crap out of Micha and making him all the more willing to help me get them hung up instead (but he really did like the idea, so that obviously helped, too).

Funnily enough, his first comment was, "it looks very American" and a laugh. A happy laugh.

Yeah, that statement confused me, too. But he claims Americans always have "lots of little pictures hanging up, while Germans always have just one big piece on a wall." I suppose it is kinda true... Though maybe we just read too many decorating magazines and blogs and get crazy ideas in our heads of filling our walls to the gills. :) Either way, I'm glad he embraces my American-ness.

There may very well be some crooked pictures in there, I tend not to be able to tell if they're all straight or not...but I figure when friends come over, they'll straighten them, as they always seem to do (apparently we have enough crooked pictures for it to be often noticed).

Not all of the pictures will stay, some were last minute replacements when I realized the layout I had on the floor was a good foot wider than the actual wall space (oopsie poodles!) and had to quickly rearrange and rotate some frames, so I hope to replace a few of them with some cute new prints in the near future to mix things up a bit. I'd like to think of it as a constant work in progress that we can update whenever we find something new to hang up. But some of those beauties - like my favorite picture of Nat, Liz, and me pinching Alyssa's tush at her wedding, or the adorable baby pictures I found of each of us - are there for good!

The airplane print is a Thomas Prior photo and the Elvis print is by Landon Nordeman, both from 20x200 | The bullfighting drawing is a Picasso print picked up on Nat's and my travels through Europe | All other pictures are ours

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