Wednesday, July 18, 2012

Sprucing Up the Sad Wall

On Sunday evenings, my probably very least favorite time of the week (Micha and I are notorious Sunday haters due to its all-too-near proximity to the ever-dreaded Monday), I tend to get these random and sudden desires to get something important done. And we're not talking something small, like packing my gym bag for the next day. Last week, it was my overdue taxes for both the US and Germany (I still can't believe how easy it was to do them, by the way; had I known, I would have actually done them on time!). This week, it was our sad, empty half wall in the office/guest room that urgently called out for my immediate attention.

I'm a little embarassed to show you just how sad this wall (which is opposite the balcony in our very oddly shaped guest room) has been looking for, oh, the past year perhaps, but there it is. That canvas print (of a picture Micha took of a tea leaf in Malaysia) is hanging there because we haven't found a better place for it yet and that shelf is still hanging around because neither of us has bothered to remove it (even though I voice my disdain for it quite loudly on a monthly basis). Well, this Sunday, I'd finally had enough and decided it was time to put our collection of random frames to use and spruce up that wall with pictures and fun prints.

So I measured out the suitable dimensions for hanging frames on the wall - making sure they'd be higher than the couch but stay under the blue paint line and not extend above to the white strip above, which would look awkward - and then laid out all the frames I could find on the floor. At this point, Micha casually looked over from his usual place on the living room floor (his computer-time space), sighed loudly, and said something to the effect of "why must you always start these projects on Sunday evenings...?" Which is a fair enough point as I haven't really progressed past this stage since then.

No, that's not quite true. On Sunday it looked much less unfinished. The past few days, I've made multiple trips to dm to print out a bunch of our pictures and have been slowly putting them in the appropriate frames. (It's funny how nice it is to have prints of pictures again. I'm so used to seeing them only on the computer these days but nothing beats holding a picture in your hand.) 

My goal is to finish the project - hanging included, which is where Micha comes into play as I seem to live in a crooked world and can't hang pictures straight for the life of me, whereas Germans have a freakish talent for hanging things perfectly level on the first try - this weekend and have a lovely new frame wall to show off next week. I've ordered another canvas print which will go where that random blank canvas is lying as a placeholder, to include and am currently pondering which cute prints from Etsy to finally move from my wishlist to my cart to round out the wall. Here are the current top-seeded options:

Thoughts? Especially from those of you who like to stay in this room from time to time? :) I can't wait to show you the finished product soon!

ps. That big books print totally makes me think of one of my favorite Friends' scene every time. Love it!

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