Thursday, July 12, 2012

Loved + Pinned: Places to Go...

Having just come back from a trip (actually it's a week today that I've been back--eek! How time flies!), I'm in the midst of daydreaming about the places I've been, the places I've come from, and the places I have yet to go. That Helsinki print is so stinking cute and perfectly reminds me of one of my favorite countries. And that pink party table in the street?! Oh my, let's throw a bash right now...

Image sources: Helsinki poster by Blanca Gomez pinned by Summer | California Poems scarf [sold] by Leah Goren pinned by EZ | Party table in the street by Carla Ten Eyck Photography pinned by Paris Hotel Boutique | Florida Keys map by Anne Smith pinned by me | River source unknown* pinned by Jessica | Los Angeles print by Albie Designs pinned by Joy

*please share if you know the source!

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