Monday, July 23, 2012

My Weekend in Pictures

We started the weekend off with a Friday night movie and friends, I cannot recommend the movie highly enough. We saw The Way with Martin Sheen and it was so touching, and sweet, and funny, and sad...and just all around enjoyable and very much worth the watch (bonus: I love the fact that Emilio Esteves not only played the son in the movie, but also directed his dad in it, too!). It also made us want to pack up our giant backpacks and hit the road... but I suppose that will have to wait a while (le sigh).

On Saturday we headed to another awesome pool party for Matthias' birthday, which I'm sharing pictures of later because there are just to many good ones to include here! Ok, fine, here's a sneak peek:

Aron looking mighty dubious of the water | You can never have enough beer cooler floaties

And I'm proud to say that on Sunday, we really did tackle my biggest to-do of the weekend and hung up the frames on the sad wall! And I think it looks freaking fantastic. (I think Micha does, too, but he's a man of few words and so I take his conciliatory nods for great withheld exclamations of enthusiasm.) Well, one picture is still missing - a canvas print I ordered that I'm picking up today - so that will have to wait too, but look, here's proof!

That's his "really? You're taking a picture now?" face. Also, yes, the lanterns from the baby shower are still totally there. Hanna will get them for her room, eventually.

And since I was feeling so productive, I went ahead and got a couple more home projects done, too. Cuz these moments are few and far between.

We replaced our previous hallway picture with this fabulous one I gave to Micha for his birthday (I got it from 20x200, which I also can't recommend highly enough - that place rocks! Two of the pictures on our new frame wall are from there, too.). In case you can't tell, he's a bit of an airplane fan. :)

I also got around to improving the front door cork-/chalkboard calendar I'd previously DIY'd. The chalk lines I'd had on there had made it rather tedious to update and as a result, the calendar still said November. So I wised up and used some colorful washi tape to make the lines instead and, bam! new, much more usable calendar! Now I just need to hang a big sign above it that says "Don't forget: KEYS! PHONE! UMBRELLA!" and our door will have all the daily reminders we need on it before leaving the house.

And since I love adding chalkboard touches to things, I whipped out my new chalkboard paper (contact paper? Whatever it may be called...) and relabeled a bunch of our spices. Just because.

Apparently, we hoard dried Italian herbs

Some random plants that weren't so happy on the balcony got a new home in our kitchen hanging planters, which have been used for many things over the years, but now for the first time for plants. On the left is the mint that I oh-so proudly grew from a cutting!

I swear the kitchen isn't really that intensely green... The lighting in there is crazypants.

So obviously I now have six new cuttings (including four from Anja's garden, since she had some different varieties) growing...

But most of the day was spent enjoying the rare and very welcome sunshine on the balcony, reveling in our wee little forest, and grilling tasty large steaks for dinner on our new portable grill (again, just because).

The babies are growing up nicely!

Thanks for the fun napkins, Emily!

Why do the weekends ever have to end...?


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    1. They're so perrrrty! I miss you too...but we'll be in Munich in just over a week! :D