Friday, December 7, 2012

Old School Prints

I've been pondering new ways to decorate our bathroom lately, as we don't have much art in there at the moment and I like big art in the bathroom (you spend a lot of time there!). The walls are troublesome as they're primarily white tile with a blue stripe and only the two feet-ish of wall space above the tile are suitable for picture hanging. Plus the ceilings are ridiculously high and the room is, in typical old Berlin style, long and very narrow.

But once I discovered that canvas prints hold up well in damp areas (thanks to this post), I've been on the prowl for inspiration in canvas form that would fill up the space and thought black-and-white could be a nice change of pace for us along with keeping things from getting too busy in the narrow space.

Then I came across a bunch of absolutely fantabulous old school pictures (while hunting for prints of Berlin from the '20s) that I've fallen madly in love with:

How cool would some of these look together on our dark teal bathroom walls? (Also, Micha gave me the promise of taking swing dancing lessons together for our anniversary this year and now I think it's official that this has to happen asap. It's on the interwebs, so there's no turning back!)

Other random pictures I heart: Dance marathon LA, Sailors, Cute mini munchkins, Mustachioed men with beer, Hollywoodland