Monday, December 10, 2012

December Goals

Following up on my November stats, here are my rather random and not particularly life-changing December goals.

{1} Read more than one book (aka finally move on from Wuthering Heights and Game of Thrones). I need to be more diligent here about reading books on my commute instead of catching up on social media on my phone. Because, you know, I'm a grown up and all that jazz.

{2} Hit up two Christmas markets a week. In this past, I’ve aimed for one per day but let’s face it, when you’re working full time, that is just plain stupid crazypants. Two a week should be doable and ideally, at least a couple of those will be ones I haven’t been to before.

My kind of holiday decor: chalkboard perfection | A snowflake wonderland

{3} Rehang the map in our office/guest room with something beyond just thumbtacks and maybe even give it a frame. I have ideas, but we'll see which one will pan out...

{4} Swim or go to spinning once a week. Now that registration is officially open for the Berlin tri next year, it’s time to start varying up my workouts again. Luckily, I have Kai as my new swim buddy to force me to get to the pool, and cute, spunky spinning trainer is good motivation to get my butt back on the bike as well.

{5} Finish knitting something. I have quite a few half-finished projects and a whole box o' yarn, but Sister also has a particular request that really should be easy enough to finish in a month. Ideally, I'd like to not make her wait two years for it, like I did for Micha with his scarf.

Chalkboard Christmas card by Lily and Val Winter wonderland by Bhind Glass


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    1. It's underway! I'll send you a progress picture to see if you approve!