Thursday, December 6, 2012

November Stats

All right, let's look back at November and the random goals I gave myself this past month. Here goes.

Books read: 0.75 (darn you, Wuthering Heights!)
Morning workouts completed: 8 (runs and Hot Iron class)
Kilos of turkey roasted (to perfection): 8.8 + 3 extra legs
Vacation days enjoyed: 2
Kilometers traveled: 1216
Babies cuddled: 4
Trips to Ikea: 3
Cars flooded (by leaving the sunroof open overnight while it rained): 1
Coffee tables purchased: 0 *womp womp* 

{1} Finish my Christmas shopping and shipping // Well... I’m giving myself a break on this one mainly because we’ve opted for a different kind of Christmas gift for sister this year (that I think she’ll be mighty pleased with). And I'm primarily letting good old Amazon do all the hard shopping and shipping work for me these holidays. So all in all, I'm just going to make things simple and say I did ok on this goal.

Work out in the mornings // I’ve still been doing pretty darn good with this (except this snowy week) and am rather pleased with myself. To further spur me on, I read this post yesterday about how to train yourself to get up in the morning and now am seriously considering putting it to the test. The only question is if I have the willpower to start during the holiday season...

November according to Instagram

{3} Read one classic book for every "normal" book // Check! I mean, I’m still reading Wuthering Heights. And still hating it (my teenage self was right for not finishing it after all!). So far, there is not a single character that has invoked my sympathy - in fact I pretty much can’t stand any of  them - and I only have 40 pages left to go. I don’t get it! But anywho, next on my list is The Ask and the Answer followed by The Pillars of the Earth (which Micha is kind of forcing me to read, but I trust his literary judgment), so the pattern continues.

Put pictures in all frames that are lying around the apartment // Darnit! I was thisclose to getting this done before Thanksgiving but then the terrible-yet-fabulous neverending project took over my life and I stopped. And then I bought even more frames at Ikea thanks to Kerstin, my enabler (she totally gets full blame :). So I can’t check this one off quite yet, though I did manage to frame the third of four giant posters from (woohoo!).

Get crafty at least once a week // Oh, I got crafty all right. Again, I spent most of my time on one project, but I cut, folded, and hot-glued up a storm in November. One day I’ll actually even blog about it...

Other random accomplishments: Got a new, giant passport (with 52 pages!); purchased some exciting plane tickets; visited Rheinland-Pfalz for the first time; joined my company’s small caroling group (to perform, somewhat terribly, at our holiday party tomorrow); didn't break a single glass, plate, or bowl.

I think I’m now finally ready for December!

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