Thursday, December 20, 2012

A Cookie-Baking, Beer-Brewing Kinda Weekend

This past weekend we invited friends over on Saturday for the start of a cookie-baking marathon. Sara and Kathi and I whipped up four different types of cookies in the kitchen, keeping ourselves energized with homemade gl├╝hwein (Sara's hidden talent) and entertained with my plethora of non-traditional cookie cutters. Meanwhile, in the guest room, Micha and his happy helpers, Christoph and Volker, put their brewing skills to the test cooking up Micha's very first batch of beer. We have high hopes for this new hobby of his. (The one downside to this endeavor: the brewing beer in its giant container has to be kept in cold temperatures for a week before it can be bottled, so its kept in the coldest room in our apartment: the bedroom. Right next to the window on my side of the bed. Oh happy day...)

The day was long and relaxed, just what we needed, and we headed over to Kerstin's on Sunday for even more cookie-baking and girl talk. Ok, the girl talk was just for Kerstin and me; Micha got some quality iPhone- and occassional Hendryk- (who was taking care of a sick baby) time during that. ;)

And now it's already Thursday and I'm so grateful that the next weekend is already almost here because this is the week that seems to never end at work... Hooray for the holidays!

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