Wednesday, November 7, 2012

October Stats / November Goals

// October Stats //

(1) Check - Oh did I watch horror movies last month! Amazing how simply writing it here totally motivated me to do so and made me follow through. (Now if I only I could do that with something actually productive, like half-marathon training or writing regular letters to my Gramma...) Here's my rundown:

     - Snakes on a Plane (I'm counting this for the cheesy factor alone)
     - Paranormal Activity (when it's on tv, I don't say no)
     - The Unborn (another one that was on tv and was so bad but I couldn't resist. Apparently, putting twins and Nazis in a movie makes for a good plot. I beg to differ.)
     - Paranormal Activity 4 (the only we saw in the theatre this month and not really worth it)
     - Night of the Living Dead (not nearly as scary as I remember, sadly)

(2) Check - Fall Day of Fun complete!

(3) Well... I sent out our Turkey Day save-the-date. So not too bad. And I blame not planning any further on the fact that my partner in crime, Emily, was on vacation for the end of the month, and I can't possibly plan our annual Thanksgiving party without her.

(4) Check - Despite a sickness that set my training off a couple weeks, I'm back to a regular running schedule (building up to a speedier 10k) and I'm not even hating it. I know, I know, who am I?

(5) Well crap. We definitely have not yet agreed on a new coffee table. Can't win 'em all, I suppose (but I have not given up!).

It's true, I do. via blunt cards

// November Goals //

{1} Finish my Christmas shopping and shipping. I'd like sister to actually receive her Advent package before the new year this time. And I'd love to spend my December drinking absurd amounts of glühwein at Christmas markets instead of shopping.

{2} Work out in the mornings. I'm not at all a morning person - in sharp contrast to our singing-when-she-wakes-up mother - but when it comes to working out, I'm determined to become one. Or at least to pretend to be one so I can get my workouts done before I get tired or cranky or make other plans, or or or...

{3} Read one classic book for every "normal" book I read. I tend to stick with the same types of books all the time - good crime novels (particularly of the Inspector Rebus variety), dystopian YA novels, or anything proposed by the Real Simple No-Obligation Book Club. Starting this month, I've decided to go back and read some of those classics that I pretended I read in high school when really, I just had Natalie give me summaries so I could pass the essays (and spend my time reading books I actually liked instead). First up is Wuthering Heights, which I am 100 pages into and enjoying - and understanding - a heck of a lot more than I did when I was 15!

{4} Put pictures in all frames that are lying around the apartment all empty and sad or just get rid of the frame if I can't make it work. We have the wall space. We have the pictures and posters. And if I'm being honest, I have the frickin' time. So I need to make this happen. Preferably before Thanksgiving so I can show off all my work when everyone comes over. :)

{5} Get crafty at least once a week. I need to give myself a weekly challenge, so I'd like to be able to proudly post an Inspiration to Action post once a week instead of just pinning like a madwoman.

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