Thursday, October 11, 2012

October Goals

So, I have some random and *very lofty* goals that I've set for myself this October. Mostly to help me ring in the fall season, force me to celebrate the fall holidays that Germany likes to ignore, and to get some frickin' stuff done already.

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{1} Watch one horror movie a week. I know, I know, ridiculous, right? But what's Halloween without horror movies?! And since we likely won't celebrate much this year - mid-week holidays make me sad like that - I plan to celebrate in my own way all month by indulging in one of my favorite past times from our teenage days. I'm already off to a good start, too. Snakes on a Plane was on TV on Tuesday - and you bet your ass I watched that ridiculousness - and Paranormal Activity is on as we speak! Or type or whatever...

{2} Plan a Fall Day of Fun with friends. Prep a yummy pumpkin dish and probably a fun fall cocktail or two, go apple-picking or to a pumpkin fest, and just enjoy a day out in the brisk weather with some favorite people before retiring home with them for a yummy seasonal meal and silly talk. (Totally stealing Liz's idea here - thanks, Liz!)

{3} Plan Thanksgiving. I'd like to have the invitation out sooner than later (and our save-the-date even sooner - yes, our Turkey Day party does require one!) and a simple color scheme to decorate with decided on early.

{4} On a non-fall-related note, I need to start running more again - I fell into another running-sucks phase this summer that it's time to snap out of - and October is going to be the month, I can feel it. (I'm already of to a good start, so yay :)

{5} And lastly, one that requires Micha's cooperation. My big plan for our apartment beautification this month is to plain and simply agree on a damn type of coffee table that we want to have so we can finally replace the massive one that takes up our entire living room (more or less) and that we've both grown to loathe. (Any tips on getting a man to voice his opinion on coffee tables beyond "no, I don't like that" is more than welcome!)

Should be doable, no? I'll keep you posted.

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