Monday, October 22, 2012

My Weekend in Instagrams

It was another stuffy nose kinda weekend around these parts, as I managed to catch Micha's cold and was thus not up for having too much fun or a camera pointed at me at all. But my trusty phone accompanied us and so, for the first time, here is some of our weekend fun caught purely via Instagram.

We managed to catch a great hockey game on Friday despite my sniffling; it was the second home game with Giroux and Brière and man are those two fun to watch! Having them on the Eisbären sure makes me hope the NHL lockout lasts all season after all...

Saturday was spent at home (me - whining; Micha - ignoring my whining unless absolutely necessary) with a brief stop at our local Saturday farmer's market to pick up some flowers and bread. We went to my favorite flower stand - it's also the only one at our tiny market - and, as usual, got to talking with one of the women who works there. It's a family-run stand and all of them are so sweet, so we try to chat with them as often as we can when we're there. This time I was offered this striking fall bouquet that she'd put together. Flower-free but full of color and beauty. Bonus: the little orange berry-looking things are actually tiny little fruits (paradiesapfel is what she said, but minor googling didn't find me a translation) that are sweet but not too sugary and are often eaten by diabetics in Turkey for that reason. So I was told. You learn something new every day, right?

On Sunday, we met up with a bunch friends for breakfast at the ripe old hour of 10am in Friedrichshain to post-celebrate Hendryk's birthday. Needless to say, we didn't quite make it on time; but we did make it!

There's never a lack of cute, blonde munchkins when we get together these days :) (Also, are Micha and I the only non-bespectacled folks in our little group? Seems so...)

Wee Hanna, looking as precious (if somewhat shocked) as ever...

After eating and chatting laughing and catching up, not-so-baby-but-still-baby Aron convinced Micha and Axel to accompany him to the playground and so we ventured to a world that I haven't been to...well, since I was a carefree and jungle-gym-loving child, frankly. Man, the playground is a crazy place, isn't it? Kids are freaking fearless!

I appreciate the fact that this kid matched his pants to the foliage

Micha and a too-cool-for-school Aron (rocking the sunglasses) surveying the scene

Though to be honest, I was more entertained by the parents who somehow got the notion that their kids could by no means tackle a jungle gym without their help and proceeded to climb up that rope ladder with them. Please remind me one day never to do that. I look ridiculous enough as it is on a regular basis without being stuck at the top of a jungle gym with a bunch of mini-rugrats watching skeptically and giggling behind my back...

After a long, and much-needed, nap (getting up before 10am on a Sunday is rough, I tell you!), we headed back to the O2 World for the second hockey game of the weekend. And this one may have even been better than Friday's. Not the whole thing, mind you, the first two periods were a bit of a bore...

...but the Eisbären - rocking their awesome pink breast-cancer-awareness jerseys - scored 7 goals in the third period. 7! If that doesn't get your blood rushing and fist pumping, I don't know what will.

We ended things with a very simple dinner at home and a screening of Contagion, which was on my horror-movie-watching to-do list and even though it was much less horror than I thought - and therefore a much better movie than I'd expected - I still managed to get another one in this weekend, so am well on my way to reaching my October goal (hoorah!).

And how was your weekend?

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