Wednesday, October 24, 2012

Inspired By...

...the best diy I've seen all week. And the winner of my I'm-gonna-make-you-for-our-Fall-Day-of-Fun-surprise contest that I ran with myself.

Photo by Pretty Simple Productions, tutorial by Oh Happy Day natural room scents to make your home smell like fall, even if maybe what it really needs is a deep clean. (Tooootally not talking about our apartment right now.)

Photo and tutorial by Inspired to Share

...cute little kitchen towels that I wouldn't be embarrassed to have hanging on our oven. Unlike the one we have from Micha's mom with Christmas bears on it.

Available at Poketo

...a sweet and simple addition to a Halloween party. Or a Fall Day of Fun...

Photo and tutorial by A Subtle Revelry

...adorable knit pumpkins that I wish I were clever - and quick - enough to do myself.

Available at Luna Cab Co

...Once again: salted caramel. But this time with apple slices arranged in mosaic form. Yeah.

Photo and recipe by Smitten Kitchen

Image credits: Spider pinata photo by Pretty Simple Productions, tutorial by Oh Happy Day | Natural room scents by Inspired to Share | Tea towels designed by Katie Bingaman Burt for Poketo via Creature Comforts | Spooky cheesecloth basket by A Subtle Revelry | Knit pumpkins Available at Luna Cab Co via Apartment Therapy | Apple mosaic tart with salted caramel by Smitten Kitchen, pinned by Jessica (hi Jess!)

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