Wednesday, October 17, 2012

Inspired By...

...sweet words from an adorable little shop.

Print available at Unraveled Design

...the possibly perfect dessert for our upcoming Fall Day of Fun (easy to make, feeds many, looks Halloween-y but not kiddish).

Photo and recipe by Natalie of The SoHo

...natural nail polish with a lovely label and a fabulous name. My aunt's got me on a natural nail polish kick and after trying Butter London, I'd like to give these ones a try next.

Nail polish from Scotch Naturals, available in Germany at All for Eves

...salted caramel and whiskey. Enough said.

Photo and recipe by Bakers Royale

...some cutely branded natural hair-care goodies - go big or go home right? While Micha would hate the website name (Yes to Carrots - his vegetable nemesis ;), he'd be all over the Yes to Tomatoes bottle, and the cucumber one has me dreaming of fresh-smelling hair all winter long.

Hair-care product by Yes to Carrots, available in Germany at Green Glam

... drool-worthy melty-center chocolate cakes that I'm pretty sure I'll have to whip up this weekend as Micha will surely request them after reading this (at least, that's certainly what I'm hoping for :).

Recipe by Martha Stewart

Image credits: Audrey Hepburn quote by Unraveled Design | Pumpkin and chocolate icebox cake by Natalie of The SoHo | Nail polish by Scotch Naturals | Salted caramel and whiskey truffles by Bakers Royale, pinned by Michele | Tomato and cucumber shampoo by Yes to Carrots | Warm chocolate pudding cakes by Martha Stewart

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