Wednesday, September 7, 2011

Vintage Posters for Modern Movies

I decided years ago that I'm officially too old and/or too far out of college to be able to rock movie posters on my walls, but these vintage-style ones spotted on Apartment Therapy are making me rethink my decision. How adorable is that The Little Mermaid print? And I of course love this Hitchcock-inspired Inception poster. If I liked (or, okay, even saw) the movie Cars, this European travel-style poster would be my favorite. And the Titanic one, it just makes me laugh out loud from its simplicity.

What do you think, cool enough to rock? Or still reserved solely for the walls of pretentious college dorm rooms?

Image credits: 1) Colorfully fun The Little Mermaid poster by Eric Tan; 2) Hitchcock-esque Inception poster by Luis Rodolfo Reyes Fierro; 3) The cutest Cars poster also by Eric Tan; 4) Simplistic Titanic poster by JoE. All images via Apartment Therapy

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