Thursday, September 8, 2011

Seen in Rome - Part 1

The view from my friend's rooftop terrace in Trastevere. Bet you'd never guess that yellow building on the left contains a prison.

Aperitivi on the balcony and more wine and cheese at the restaurant. Liz's coworker took us out. We have no clue where we were except for that it was outside of Rome and where the cool kids hang out.

Old friend and new friends.

The Colosseum, as seen from a taxi. There are certainly worse things to drive past in a cab.

Indescribably cool outdoor club/bar where you could either pass the whole night dancing or just sitting on the grass, enjoying the hot hot hot summer night with friends.

A peaceful corner of a bustling courtyard in the Vatican museums.

The perfect window spot to call home from while slowly meandering our way to the Sistine Chapel.

An enviable Vatican balcony and the pines of Rome.

Statues, busts, and alleyways from days long gone.

Our Rome girly weekend was everything I had hoped for and then some. More pictures - and some particularly yummy ones at that - to come.

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