Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Inspired by...

...a cute coat that walks the line between fabulously French and ridiculously jailbird.

Available at

...and a playful, airy kitchen to match.

 Photo by Björn Wallander

...the new Fall issue of Sweet Paul Magazine. All 160 pages are just fantastic, but this wallpaper had me dreaming up scenarios in which we absolutely can't live without a nautical-themed room in our apartment. (So far, I have none good enough to convince Micha. Blerg!)

...make-your-own sweet-and-sour mix by the fabulous Fashionably Bombed girls. I'll never have another excuse not to whip up a perfect margarita right when the mood randomly strikes.

 Photo and diy by Fashionably Bombed

...luggage that has me pining to hop on a train through India, The Darjeeling Limited-style.

The Producer Series by Steamline luggage

Image credits: 1) Dress by; 2) Kitchen by Björn Wallander for Country Living; 3) Wallpaper by Bodie and Fou for Sweet Paul; 4) Sweet-and-sour mix by Fashionably Bombed; 5) Luggage by Steamline luggage via hip hip gin gin.


  1. I am in love with that jacket, so cute!!!

  2. Haha I'd be such a chic felon in that coat :-) Love it!