Thursday, January 10, 2013

Favorite Moments of 2012 {Part 2}

To finish up my roundup of favorite moments in 2012 (started yesterday), here are the final 11. Man, it was a mighty good year...

2012 highlights

12. Watching Jan join in on the water gun fight between the wee ones - Aron and Mia - and trying not to crack up when little Aron went flying dramatically through the air, slow-mo movie style, when Jan shot him in the back with a water gun (only his pride was hurt) at one of Matze & Anja's fabulous summer pool parties.

13. Getting to experience just how good Die Ärzte really are in concert on a rare painfully/awesomely hot summer day at the Waldbühne.

14. Realizing we beat last year's tomato harvesting record and ended up with a whopping 387 delicious morsels from our balcony garden this year.

15. Squealing like a happy schoolkid as we walked into Disneyland Paris for the first time (best birthday present ever!).

16. Explaining the rules of baseball with sister to our two Germans and one Italian at a Red Sox game in Boston in the midst of a weekend of fun in our old college town.

17. Sitting down with the girls for the first time in our inflatable bar on the lake in New Hampshire and realizing that I could very happily stay right there forever...

18. Spreading my love of Halloween to little Aron/Keule while carving pumpkins with him during our Fall Day of Fun.

19. Sitting down to our Thanksgiving table once again, surrounded by great friends, amazing food, and my favorite decorating scheme of all time (to pat myself on the back a little there...).

20. Merrily imbibing eight glasses of wine during a post-wedding wine tasting and realizing that all weddings could benefit from an insanely long wine tasting after the ceremony.

21. Watching the boys haphazardly decorate the bajillion cookies we'd baked - which amounted to them dunking them in icing and getting sprinkles all over the floor - after their first attempt at beer brewing on a chilly, gluttonous weekend.

22. And while the one thing that was missing from my year was a visit with the fam in LA, videochatting with with sister and mother, accompanied by multiple cats on screen, on Christmas Eve in reindeer antlers gave me a good fix to get me through the holidays.

All right, 2013. I think I'm finally ready for you...

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