Wednesday, January 9, 2013

Favorite Moments of 2012 {Part 1}

Before I look forwards towards 2013 and the things I want to accomplish, I thought I'd take a brief look back at my favorite moments from the past year, to help me remember just how fabulous it truly was. Here's part 1.

2012 highlights

1) Finding surprise birthday (for Micha) champagne waiting for us in the hotel room when we arrived for our very wintery beach visit to our favorite German island with two of our favorite people.

2) Winning a kickass bar cart on ebay for 1.50€ and taking a day trip to Quedlinburg with (a rather hesitant) Micha to pick it up.

3) Stepping into the resort and seeing our island-paradise bungalow in Siquijor and its perfect ocean view for the first time on our Philippines vacation.

4) Meeting and cuddling some new wee friends, Charlie and Hanna.

5) Getting laughed at by Liz, Kai, Micha, and Kerstin as I adamantly insisted all night at a pub that Liz's favorite color is sparkles during her Easter visit.

6) Getting soaked by the rain on top of the mountain behind the Glengoyne distillery in Glasgow with new friends, old friends, and a flask of whisky.

7) Meeting some super fun bloggers and twitter friends in real life at The Hive in Kreuzberg.

8) Seeing lots of happy tears when we surprised Kerstin with an activity- and gossip-filled baby shower.

9) Celebrating five years of awesome with my favorite dude.

10) Laughing my ass of with Micha, Sara, and Christoph when we were woken up in our tents on a camping trip by raindrops falling on our heads.

11) Getting to see lots of pictures that make me happy all at once each time I look at the colorful, oh-so-me gallery wall in our spare room.

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