Tuesday, April 9, 2013

Personal Lap Pools

Did you catch this post on Apartment Therapy the other day? Damn that site for always making me want completely ridiculous things for my apartment. A personal lap pool at home that could fit (perhaps) in a city and not just in the 'burbs?! Perfection!

source: Houzz

source: Dwell

I wouldn't have to deal with terrible German swimmers who think they belong in the fast lane (seriously, I want to buy each and every one of them a dictionary and highlight the word "schnell" in rainbow colors) and just think, sister and I could work out together every day and then treat ourselves to poolside cocktails directly afterwards. I think my future goal is quite clear. And since the sun seemingly never wants to shine in Berlin again, perhaps a move to Miami is in store... ;)

(No seriously, sister, get a house with a pool like this and we're there!)

Image credits: Top pool by Secret Gardens via Houzz | Bottom pool photo by James Knowler for Dwell, both via Apartment Therapy

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