Friday, April 12, 2013

Happy Weekend!

Just as my final work day of the week is coming to a close, the rain (that drenched me so badly this morning on my bike ride to work, I had to take off my pants and wear my gym pants around the office half the day) has conveniently disappeared and the sunshine (that I'd almost forgotten how it looked) has made a very welcome appearance. This can really only mean good things to come.

 I was not nearly as cute in the rain this morning as this guy...

We have a bit planned for the weekend: some beer brewing, some triathlon training, some Ikea plant shopping (did you know the Ikea garten center in Lichtenberg is the largest in all of Europe?! It's magical...), and some new recipe trying.

So along those lines, here a little food for thought if you find yourself lazing on the couch with your morning coffee over the next two days:

Hanging planters are the perfect way to spring-ify the apartment, I say.

This pasta definitely deserves the chance to try and steal its way into my heart.

I love the idea of thinking of your living room as an awesome library.

This table would look pretty perfect in basically any and every room.

I cannot wait to own this book! (Clearly, I'm obsessed...)

Kerstin and I need party hats for a hats-required wedding this summer (yes, seriously), and this adorable one just made it to the top of my list.

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