Tuesday, September 25, 2012

My Weekend in Pictures {Disneyland Paris!}

In two words, Disneyland Paris was: unforgettably incredible. Obviously, I'm a rather huge Disneyland (not Disneyworld) fan to begin with, so getting to go there without the obligatory 10+ hours of flying home to LA first, plus the added bonus of getting to brush up on my rusty French skills with phrases like Indiana Jones et Le Temple du Peril while there, made for a pretty big win in my book.

Here is just a glimpse at the fun we had, both in Disneyland and then our subsequent day in Paris.

A little too giddy waiting for the Orly-Disneyland express bus at 9am

The Walt Disney Studios Park - basically their version of California Adventure

Entrance to the main park - the entrance castle is a hotel! (and it's calling my name...)

It's been there for 20 years already! I remember (from afar) when it had just opened and sounded so magically adventurous...

Thunder Mountain - very similar but a little bit faster

Space Mountain: Mission 2 was just plain amazing. A loop! A twist! So much speed!

French Jack Sparrow, just doing his thing
I could have stayed in Toy Story Playland all day | Fantasyland was its usual cute self

Paris nightlife

A walk through Montmartre

Micha's first real-life view of the Eiffel Tower!

I heart Vélib'

While we had only about 36 hours in the park and the city for our quick weekend getaway, we sure did make the best of it while we could. (As did the weather, so thanks for that, Paris!) Plenty more details about the awesomeness that was Disneyland in French to come, including a rundown of ride comparisons, if you're into that kind of thing. :) (Hint: Space Mountain kicked ass, but Indiana Jones was another story.)


  1. SO. AWESOME. !!! 1. i want to stay in that hotel! 2. french jack sparrow (and random family you creepily took a photo of) is my favorite! 3. that was micha's first time seeing the eiffel tower?! silly german...

    1. Ummm, we need to go there together one day and MOST DEFINITELY stay in that hotel! à la our plan with (LA) liz to visit disneyworld one day with families... ;)

      and yup, micha's a total weirdo. germans aren't quite as enamored of the french as all we americans tend to be.