Wednesday, September 5, 2012

Inspiration to Action: Neon-dipped Goodies

Finally doing something that you've seen about one billion times on Pinterest is certainly reason to celebrate in my book. So in hopes of big celebrations ahead, last weekend I tackled two things: neon + dipped-pots/-jars.

I had a ton of neon paint left over from Thanksgiving last year, so I decided to put it to work fancying up a boring little white flower pot that sits in the guest room.

And then I threw a little jar-turned-colored-pencil holder into the mix too. Just for funsies. And also, because once you get started, it's really hard to stop. I was thisclose to dipping all other containers found in the room into paint...

After a night of drying, voilĂ ! Easy peasy neon-dipped plant and pencil holders! Because I don't have enough color going in that room already. ;)

Even crazy gumball-laying chicken approves (he was a gift from Liz, but of course)

I think it's high time we start our own regular Pinterest Challenge over here, wouldn't you agree?

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