Thursday, October 13, 2011

Pretty Things

Do you ever just wake up and feel a little...blah? The weather's gray, the house is dim, you have no energy even though you've had 3.5 cups of coffee already? That's kind of how I'm feeling today. And why I love Pinterest (besides the fact that it makes me feel productive even though all I've done is pinned 55 pretty pictures in 2 hours). Today I found lots of colorful and pretty things to brighten up my blah day. I hope they brighten up yours as well!

Image credits: 1) Perfectly blue windows by mandalaybus via Captain; 2) Colorful bouquet by Peter Carlsson via Robyn; 3) Dreamy scooter by Sebastian Bentler via Tim; 4) Tattoo by unknown* via Tayler ; 5) Vintage flower on paper by Jean Cody via Jill

*please tag if you know the source!

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