Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Decorating for Halloween

Since there are only 12 more days left until Halloween, I realized it's about time I start spookifying the apartment. And since I won't be attending my usual Wednesday spinning class tonight (due to an unpleasant lingering cold that's had me in bed the last four days), I figure tonight's a good night to get started.

I don't usually decorate much for Halloween because 1) we often head to Munich for my best friend's annual Halloween bash, (sadly, this year, I won't make it); and 2) I'm usually so busy planning my big annual Thanksgiving party that I never manage to squeeze in time for Halloween. But this weekend, we've decided to get in the spirit by heading to a pumpkin patch that's less of a patch and more of a giant barn with lots of pumpkins and other goodies for sale and consumption. We went last year and had a blast picking out all sorts and sizes of pumpkins, buying 5 kilos of fresh apple juice (I don't even like juice but that's how good it was), and wandering our way through the corn maze (we were the only adults without children there but hey, I'm a child at heart). I highly recommend checking it out if you're in the Berlin area!

So, I'm currently looking for quick, easy, and inexpensive ways to make our apartment a little more festive. Here are some great and totally feasible ideas I've found, some of which I plan to get started on tonight.

 Photo & diy by Rebekah for eighteen25 | Photo & diy by made

Paper bats everywhere. Attach them to paper lanterns, walls, you name it. A simple touch that's definitely Halloween-y but not too cheesy for the minimalists out there (*ahem* Micha).

Photos and diy by Martha Stewart

Spiders and spider webs. I personally like going all out with any holiday or party decor, so I already stocked up on some plastic spiders and fake spider webs. I like how Martha displays them more creatively than just strewn willy-nilly about the house.

Photo & diy by Better Homes & Gardens | Photo & diy by Martha Stewart

Once I've picked out and taken home my fair share of pumpkins this weekend, I'd really love to make some cute Jack Skellington-esque vases out of some of them and awesomely adorable fanged jack-o-lanterns out of the others. I usually attempt painfully complicated jack-o-lantern patterns, like haunted houses or witches on broomsticks, with about a 50% success/satisfaction rate. These little guys might be a nice change of pace that wouldn't have me wanting to tear my hair out while holding a knife at the same time - never a good situation to be in.

How are you getting your place ready for Halloween this year?

Photo credits: 1) Paper lantern by a bit of sunshine for eighteen25; 2) Bats on wall by made; 3) Spidersill by Martha Stewart; 4) Cobweb candles by Martha Stewart; 5) Pumpkin vase by Better Homes & Gardens; 6) Jack-o-lanterns by Martha Stewart.

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