Monday, February 21, 2011

Sister, Sister!

 So I'm more than a wee bit sad today that my twin sister will be leaving us tomorrow! I feel like she just got here. Even though it's been over 3 weeks now. It was a rollercoaster 3 weeks full of every emotion under the sun and then some. But still, if I had my way, I'd keep her as my workout buddy in Berlin forever. (Though, she'd probably have to move out of our apartment at some point, or we would be likely to kill each other at any given moment, in between our fits of laughter.)

 We didn't do much sightseeing this trip, as we didn't really need to. She's been here too many times to count and lived here with me in the beginning too.

Didn't do a very good job of sharing the spotlight there, but look how pretty the Berliner Dom is!

To celebrate her last night of Euro fun (until September, at least her next visit is already planned!), we've decided to throw ourselves an impromptu wine and cheese party. Fitting, no? It will be happily reminiscent of the wine and cheese birthday party we threw ourselves last summer while she was here visiting. Though with less people (only us two, my man, and his little brother) and, for my sake, hopefully less wine. Seeing as it's Monday and all.
Anywho, I was inspired by one of my favorite blogs, and only hope that our evening looks as lovely as this one at Nothing But Bonfires. We'll see. You really can't go wrong with  multiple varieties of cheese, olives, bread, and wine.

Until next time, sisko! Or rather, until April, when we'll be visiting you in NYC!

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