Tuesday, February 22, 2011

In Hopes of Spring

Anyone who's visited us here in Berlin knows that I have quite the passionate love affair with my balcony plants in the summer. Our balcony isn't huge, but I squeezed in plant boxes full of herbs and flowers all the way around the railings and last year we even had tomato plants taking up half of the floor space.

 These were from two summers ago. It got even more crowded last year!

Currently it looks a little more like this:

Well, ok, that snow has luckily all melted, but you get the idea.

Still, even though winter has decided to rear its ugly head for a last freezing cold hurrah, we are planning for spring. And the bright sunny sky keeps me hopeful even through the bitter cold of the last couple weeks. 

Last year we planted our herb and tomato seeds entirely too late. Which we also realized entirely too late. Namely in September, when we still had a plethora of tiny green tomatoes that just would not ripen. And we hadn't been able to pluck one the whole summer. It was then that we said we'd do it differently this year. And that we did. Cue last Sunday:

 The handy dandy herb starter kit we got at the Baumarkt.
 Tomato seeds galore!
 We got that handsome devil in the back there in Philly last year. I have no idea what the seeds will turn into...
 The starter pods

Be forewarned, when I start blabbering about my "babies" come spring, these are the little rugrats I'll be talking about. That, or a baby pigeon named Henry. But that's a story for another day...

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